Primary School

Y5 Haikus

Here are some of the Haikus written by kids (and teachers) in my Y5 class (More Class).


We have decided
On a new class rule: write a
Haiku everyday.
by James Walton

Marking thirty books
Is enough to drive you mad.
Thank God for weekends.
by James Walton

Cheesecake is yummy,
Strawberry and chocolate, yum
Lemon is the best
by Suzanna

Cats are sweet and cool
There are lots and lots of cats.
I love them a lot.
by Unknown

More Class is so cool,
So much cooler than the rest.
(Don't forget you vest)
by More Class

Summer time is here:
Sheep grow bigger and bigger,
Baby cows are born.
by Karolina

The kettle boils but
Someone's misplaced the strainer.
It's one of those days.
by James Walton

Bored of writing prose?
Grab a pen and some paper
And paint a poem.
by James Walton

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
I wish they'd get off the phone!
I might pull the plug.
by James Walton

We collect our names
Like saints in a litany.
"Yes sir. Morning, sir."
by James Walton

Division and Subtraction
All adds up. You'll see.
by James Walton