From The Byte Up


Barndawg Industries, the predecessor to From The Byte Up was founded in mid-2012 by Barney S.C Watson, as a replacement for the old, very small Barndawg Services. Barney started to look for people who could help him, and found a few people. He started off by using Scratch, a simple programming language. Then, after deciding to start using another language, tried out Visual Basic. After using VB for a while, he went back to using Scratch, and started to program in MS Batch And then, he was submitted to beta test a new version of Scratch. Barndawg Industries was inactive for a few months until Barney rolled out SimpleSuite 1.0. For another few months B.I was silent, then underwent some changes to the website. In March 2014, the website was redesigned using a much less cluttered, more modern boxed interface. Later that year, Barndawg Industries was renamed to From The Byte Up Software, or ByteUp! for short. A few months later, ByteUp!'s first Python program (Femto Music Player) was released.